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Once upon a cowboy - Lacy Williams

A princess on-the-run finds sanctuary where she least expects it... After nearly dying in an assassination attempt, Princess Alessandra of Glorvaird escapes to a place no one would ever think to look for her: small town Oklahoma and a ranch staffed by a herd of wooly, uncouth cowboys. One cowboy in particular gets under her skin, until she sees his softer side. She knows this interlude can't last forever, but that doesn't stop her from wishing it might... Former Navy SEAL Gideon Hale might've rescued the princess from freezing to death, but the soldier doesn't trust easily-or at all-especially when his gut tells him Alessandra is keeping secrets. But as Alessandra begins to fit into his life, he discovers another side to the princess-one that he can't help but like. When Alessandra's enemies close in, Gideon must fight to save the woman who has become so much more than a princess... "Once Upon a Cowboy" is a contemporary western retelling of the Snow White fairytale and Book 1 in the Cowboy Fairytales series.

My thoughts:
I could not really see the fairytale aspect to be honest, I had not guessed it was Snow White. But that does not matter. It was a contemporary romance after all.

This was a short audibook, and I did enjoy that. When it comes to audio short is good, and since it takes me ages to listen to it, it never feels too rushed. Even if they fell in love really fast, but since it took me 3 weeks then they fell in love pretty slow ;)

It's the story about a princess who is on the run after someone tried to kill her. Alessandra was pretty adaptable. She was sweet, she baked, I could not find any faults with her.

She ends up on Gideon's farm, and hey he is a really good guy too. He wants to protect her. They are just good people the both of them. And there is no real drama between them either. They fall in love and they will live happily ever after.

Though there is drama, the whole who is trying to kill her, and her family. And that is not resolved since there are more books out.

A sweet romance.

I totally forgot about the narrator!
She did a good job, it was nice listening to her

Audiobook, 3 hours
Published (first published May 2016)
Cowboy Fairytales #1
Contemporary romance
For review

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A small-town bride - Hope Ramsay

Amy Lyndon is tired of being the Poor Little Rich Girl of Shenandoah Falls. In her prominent family, she's the ordinary one - no Ivy League education and no powerful career. But when her father tries to marry her off, she knows it's finally time to stand up for herself, despite the consequences. Now that she's cut off from the family fortune, her first challenge is to fight her attraction to her handsome new boss.

When Amy shows up looking for work with his landscaping crew, Dusty McNeil thinks there's no way such a pampered princess will ever get her hands dirty. But as Amy proves him wrong and gets down to the nitty gritty, Dusty's admiration turns to like, then lust - and then love. But can a high-society woman like Amy ever fall for a man like him? 

My thoughts:
Ha, that blurb is so not telling the truth.  Amy loves spending money, she loves the easy life, but then her father throws her out and tells her to marry her boyfriend. And here the truth of the blurb comes in. Sure she is all wtf!? at first. But she does not go running to her bf cos she decided she wants love and he is not that. And she does not go running to family either. She buckles down, gets a hardworking job and tries to fix her life.

Amy was sure a spoiled princess at first, but she truly changed fast because she had no other choice. And she was angry, she was upset, proud and mostly stubborn. She would not give in, she would show them! I liked that about her. I also felt bad for her cos even her family called her stupid, so she saw herself as no good, not even pretty and not really worth much.

Dusty does not know what to do with this spoiled princess, but he grudgingly starts to appreciate her. And fall for her of course, but it takes a while, he is a player. And he has his own trouble with family.

One thing that I did not care for was the sudden appearance of a side story with her cousin, I was all, who are these people? It stole from the main story. I do not mind a side story, but it was even wrapped up in a happy ending. It could have been in the background and then there would have been a story about them instead in another book.

Back to this story. It was a cute  story. They fell in love. They found out what they wanted from life and lived happily ever after.


Kindle Edition, 336 pages
Expected publication: March 28th 2017
Chapel of Love #2
Contemporary romance

Monday, 27 March 2017

Joint Book Discussion: To the Bright Edge of the World

Happy end of March! This month Carole and I read and discussed, "To  the Bright Edge of the World". Blodeuedd  in red and Carole in blue. 
Author: Eowyn Ivey
Title: To the Bright Edgae of the World
Genre: Historical Fiction and Magical Realism
Pages: ebook
First Published: August 2016
Where I Got It: My shelf (Bought on Amazon)

Colonel Allen Forrester receives the commission of a lifetime when he is charged to navigate Alaska's hitherto impassable Wolverine River, with only a small group of men. The Wolverine is the key to opening up Alaska and its huge reserves of gold to the outside world, but previous attempts have ended in tragedy.

For Forrester, the decision to accept this mission is even more difficult, as he is only recently married to Sophie, the wife he had perhaps never expected to find. Sophie is pregnant with their first child, and does not relish the prospect of a year in a military barracks while her husband embarks upon the journey of a lifetime. She has genuine cause to worry about her pregnancy, and it is with deep uncertainty about what their future holds that she and her husband part.

Yay, another Ivey book! I have wanted to read it since we read The Snow Child. It was not as good as the Snow Child, because they were really different.

Yesss! I was so excited when we decided to check this out. I think there is another book. But yes, it was very different.

At first I did not really know cos it was..different! ;) I missed the magical strangeness of the Snow Child, but it just sucked me in. I do like her writing and it had me reading, and reading, and reading. And I can not really explain why, because not a lot happened in a way.

There was a tiny, tiny couple of moments that were surreal, BUT that was because Allen and his company were starving. Hahaha. I agree. Normally I would’ve been bored with the lack of stuff happening, but the author has a way with her writing that keeps you hooked and wanting more.

Exactly, they were starving, can one really trust what they saw. Of course, I did like the surreal stuff and I want to believe it was real and not just the sickness, scurvy and lack of everything that made them think things.
And she really is an amazing writer for getting hooked liked that. did you like the format of the story? Like with the diary entries, letters, pictures, and jumping POV?

I liked it, it worked for me. I did not need the old guy with the curator, but it did bind the story together. And Sophie’s thoughts worked nice in the way it was done.

I wish she would’ve had the old dude and the curator say their peace at the end like an epilogue of sorts. That part I didn’t like much….BUT I loved Sophie’s thoughts. I really did like how you could tell who was writing/thinking. The format and style changed with each character. Allen didn’t know grammar to save his life tho LOLLL! Typical lazy man. ;D

You could really imagine who was talking, and I liked when that other guy wrote a few pages, now he could not write ;)

Sophie was the better of the writers. LOL. I felt so bad for her ;(

Me too, but I loved her she found her passion with photographs. That suited her.

Gotta do what you gotta do. I loved the added photos and drawings. It really made it feel like a collection of stuff instead of just a novel. Did you do any research after reading? I did! I didn’t realize this was based of real people.

I did not realise that! Now I feel bad for not reading up on them, I just assumed they were fake, and that she had taken her own pics or found some to use. But yes the drawings and photos were such a good bonus.

I like reading reviews after I read a book and someone shared a link to Allen’s journey on the military museum website (that is the only reason I knew). The author took some liberties for sure, but she did well capturing the real essence of the people.

I guess I have to google a bit later then :) I just assumed it was another guy who went on a journey and she used that to base this. But yup, I can guess where she took some liberties. I hope she writes something new soon. Her Alaska settings are really good.

Yes, she does good with bringing the world alive. She has another book out there. Maybe we can check it out one day.

I can only find a 29 page novella.

Maybe that is what I saw. Mhmmmm.

So let’s not. And let us hope instead she writes something more :D

Agreed, agreed. BTW - I must confess something……...I hated the ending and I hated Allen’s POV. D:

Throughout the whole book!? I liked it, it felt real for the army man he was. And no prob with the ending either.

I didn’t start kinda liking it until his return home entries and he was miserable the entire time. I think it was because I wasn’t fond of the character so I didn’t enjoy his POV. The ending just kind of ended. I wish there was more.

He sure was miserable, but I understood. I did not mind, I am glad he shaped up though cos else I would have been disappointed.

He did shape up a bit. IDK I think I was mad because he left Sophie when she really needed him, but I get it...the military-mentality of doing his duty. I just wish they would’ve let her come. THAT doctor she had needed a kick in the romp. Ugh.

He did not have much of a choice. Oh sorry, I can not leave on this important mission cos my wife is preggers, yeah, in that time he would have been without a job then.

For sure. I just wish he kept his promise on letting her come. Maybe they wouldn’t have ran out of food or been as miserable because she seemed like a planner and smart. Those three men did not seem the most prepared...their mission needed a woman’s help. LOLLLL

I Understood it like she would only have come to that place where that guy had that store, not on the entire trip.

I can’t remember. But even that would’ve been okay. At least take her with you part of the way so he could come back to her quicker. I maybe being harsh on Allen because I am biased and I didn’t like him.

I do not think she would have been happy at that village if they had left her there. Poor Allen ;)

Who knows! LOL And yes, poor Allen. Carole is a meanie xD


Yess, I’m done lol. :D Done?

The end….read the book everyone! ;)

READ BOTH OF THE BOOKS!!!! *throws books in the air*


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